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Sems Screws & Washer Assemblies

SEMS, Screws and WashersTransformers UK Ltd are renowned throughout the world as a leading independent manufacturers of sems screws.

The technology has been around for many years and the product has brought benefits to assembly lines the world over. They are a combination of a screw or bolt with a built in washer or set of washers. We have the ability to make any type of washer and screw combination to your specification including double washer assemblies.

We offer an extensive range of materials including:

  • metric sizes from M2 to M12
  • imperial & B.A threads available
  • materials include steel, brass, stainless steel
  • finishes available include: zinc (RoHs compliant), bright nickel, tin electro brass, chemi black, others on request

Benefits include:

  • reduced stock requirements
  • reduced assembly costs
  • increased efficiency on assembly

Our people are highly trained and experienced and senior personnel are always available to deal with your enquiries, from design advice to general fastening queries. We believe that by working closely with both customers and suppliers we can achieve greater efficiency and offer competitive prices.

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