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Cold Forged

Cold Forging Specialists

Cold Forging is a cold working process where the material is squeezed into a die and the finished parts assume the shape of the die. This process is also known as Cold Heading. Bar stock or wire stock is fed into a die and is squeezed into the closed die. The resultant part is a nail, a bolt or a screw with the head. A subsequent cold heading operation forms other features on the head such as knurls or slots for screw drivers etc. This process can be highly automated and parts can be made economically. This method is used for both standard and special fasteners.
Cold Forging

  • No heating required
  • Better surface finish
  • Superior dimensional control
  • Better reproducibility and interchangeability
  • Directional properties can be imparted into the metal
  • Contamination problems are minimized

We can guarantee quality on all of these products:

  • M1 – M6 Diameter
  • Hexagon Flange Bolts, Sockets, Thread forming Screws
  • Machine Screws, Cup Square, Rivets, Weld Bolts
  • Wide Range of Materials and Grades
  • Stainless Steel a Speciality
  • Small, Medium and High volumes undertaken
  • Technical Support and Design consultancy available
  • Multi- die and advanced heading techniques
  • All Materials and Grades

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