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Manufacturers of Cold Forged Screws & Bolts Manufacturers of Cold Forged Screws and Bolts

About Us

Transformers was formed in 1966, by Ken Baker with start up capital of £12.10, & 400 ft floor space.

By 1967, the Company had 14 employees and had formed Trans Engineering Ltd to supply Transformers with Press tools to service ever growing contracts to the then buoyant Telecommunications Industry.

Having rapidly run out of space, the Company moved into new premises in central Liverpool where the staff increased to 180.

Two distribution Companies were formed one in Liverpool and one in London it also purchased Uniserve a well known machine tool distributor to service its increasing need for more up to date plant and machinery.

By the end of the 1970s, it was evident the mechanical side of the Telecommunications Industry was over, and being super ceded by digital switching.

The entire production facility was sold off, and the Company moved to smaller premises in the Waterfront Business Area of Liverpool where it remains to this day.

The factory was equipped with the latest in Cold forging machinery and developed new methods in high speed production of specialized fasteners, in particular Brass Terminal Screws and Screw and Washer Assemblies, in the late 1990s Ken decided to retire and helped to facilitate a buyout by the management team who all had many years of experience working under him.

This team is still in place today and continues to go from strength to strength using the same principles that the company was founded on all those years ago.